What to expect from our practice

The healthcare services we provide range from routine well child visits, which include daycare, school, and sports physicals, to diagnosis and management of acute chronic illnesses such as allergies, asthma and ADHD. We also provide access to referral services for consultations with any specialist's. Our staff collaborates with families to provide comprehensive healthcare for your child as they grow and learn to understand the world around them. We are a family centered practice and feel that you play the most important role in your child's health. We truly care about what you think and feel, and patient satisfaction is very important to us.  

Our EHR (electronic health record) system allows us to connect all phases of your child's health. Our patients lab and diagnostic testing results are instantly imported into our system upon being finalized, which cuts down turnover time, allowing us to treat your child sooner if necessary.  These results are also available to you through our patient portal. (For more information about our patient access portal click the Patient Portal tab to the left.) Prescriptions are transmitted electronically to the pharmacy as well so that your child's medication will be ready for pick up sooner! Our providers also do inpatient admission's and care as needed for our patients at Bayhealth.

Sick Visits

Illnesses can be a very emotionally and physically draining experience for patients and their parents. We strive to offer fast "in and out" service, we understand that when you have a sick child the last place you want to be is sitting in an office.  We book all urgent sick appointments the same day whenever possible.  Calls that come late in the day may be scheduled first thing the next morning.  Your physician will determine the severity of the illness and reccommend the necessary steps to relieve symptoms and speed up recovery. Effective communication with you and other medical professionals will ensure the best choices are made for your child.