Well Visit Schedule

Keeping your child healthy with physical care and emotional support is part of health maintenance. We will ensure you receive information and guidance about your child's growth and development according to your their age.  The doctors will evaluate their overall general health, growth and development, vision and hearing, review vaccines and any referrals that your child may need. We will make sure your child's vaccines are up to date and all requirements for school and daycare are met.  Preventive care is important to keep children healthy. Please call 4 weeks in advance to schedule, as our schedule fills up quickly!

* 2-5 days 

*2 weeks

* 1 month

*2 month

*4 month

* 6 month

*9 month

*12 month

*15 month

*18 month

*2 years

*2 1/2 years

* 3 years

* 4 years

* 5 years

* Annually from ages 6-18 years old